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Take Time Out of Business to See Opportunities

The business owners, executives and all workers have changed over the last 15 years. The big change is that we are now constantly attached to the business through email and telephone. We don’t realise that this has only happened recently. The Blackberry was the first to keep us updated 24/7. This addiction to the email became known as crackberry. The IPhone dominance put a stop to Blackberry but we are no longer able to disconnect from our business.

Somehow, now we expect to know about and read emails from all departments so we can still be in the loop. This feeds the manager to be more in control and starts to micro manage their staff.

The downside is that it stops creativity, taking ownership, and eventually burns out the manager.

The successful companies are the ones with stable managers and everybody working to respect downtime. Emails have pulled us into the day to day issues rather than allowing us more time for creativity and strategic planning. The other big unmeasurable impact it has had is the face to face interaction. Ideas are created when two or more people talk, dream, and explore possibilities.

Executives are given media training, compliance training, HR training and very rarely do senior executives receive training on how to deal with emails.

Once we take time out of the business we can see how addicted we have become to read information and to be informed.