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Health Benefits of a Pampering Massage

The soothing touch of regular massage is an integral component of mental and physical Well Being.

It is a deeply personal respite from the busy-ness that surrounds and consumes us in our fast-paced Western lifestyle.

A range of highly therapeutic massage modalities are used to ease mind and body.

Luxurious pampering sessions can benefit the nervous system and instil a profound sense of peace and relaxation.

Stronger deep tissue massage can correct musculo-skeletal pain, invigorate circulation and lymphatic return which also refreshes the entire human system.

The Energetic Channels of the human body are comparable to the Songlines of the Land. They carry the story, and the emotion of the story, in the currents that flow throughout.

These channels must remain fluid, free from blockage, for us to operate in a prime and healthy state.

Therapeutic touch can determine where and why these blockages are forming and release any stagnation from developing.