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Australia Day - The Land We Live On

Australia Day has come and gone and I feel that people’s views are starting to change as to what Australia Day means.

There are now different names given for this long weekend in January.

One thing I think we all agree, is when the first fleet sailed into Botany Bay this event changed the land we live on. So to me Australia Day is the period in time from this point to now.

The land we live on is full of stories and without stories we have no knowledge to tell our children. It is in these stories that we learn. We learn what makes us happy and what makes us sad. We learn what worked and what mistakes were made. All of these together, we can talk as one.

I feel that if we didn’t reflect and look at this period for one day in the year, then we are not gaining the knowledge and learning whether good or bad has come about.

Australia Day is one day to acknowledge the event that has changed the land we live on.

This is different to respect and acknowledgement to the land and culture we live on and call home.

This I do every day I wake up.

Scott Davies

Sustainable CEO