Remedial &/or relaxation massage with our passionate, highly qualified practitioners. We use organic massage bars that are made from Olive Oil, Bees Wax and Caco Butter. Your skin will open up to the warmth and be prepared for your massage. Our pratitioners will slowly remove all outside stress so you can totally relax. Starting with connecting to you and moving through your back, neck, arms and legs. Then flpping over and unlocking the neck, face and chest, then finishing with your feet and leaving you in a state of bliss. Savour the experience and continue the calmness with our herbal teas in our relaxation room. A truely unique experience combining nature and massage.


A completely natural & organic facial treatment like no other. We use the combination of certified organic skincare, Vanessa Megan, and produce grown in our Harvest Garden. This forms the beautiful blend to transform your skin & soul. Our practitioners also focus on the natural healing of touch bringing circulation to your face, ears and neck. The combination of natural products & touch bring awareness & attention to your skin, resulting in a truly radiant experience & leaving you in total relaxation.